ENSEMBLE RESONANCE contemporary chamber ensemble



 Voice, Piano, Violin, Clarinet,*computer files


A Great Arch, Softening the Mountains*                     Allan Gordon Bell

Les Pleidaes                                                               Michelle Boudreau

Three Sacred Songs                                                   Sean Clarke

Kiss Around the World (SOCAN Vocal Award 2010)   Aaron Gervais.

Days                                                                             Heather Harty

Braga*                                                                          Brent Lee

In Divino Intelletto                                                        Brent Lee

1000 Curves, 10,000 Colours*                                     Hope Lee & David Eagle

video excerpts for 10,000 Colours can be found at  http://hopelee.shawwebspace.ca

On a Gate Tower at Yuzou                                           Roger Feria

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud                                     Kristin Flores

Hommage a Henri Rosseau                                         Daniel Foley

THAT GLITTER IN WATER                                                              KA NiN  CHAN

LIKE MANNA                                                                               DAVID MACINTYRE

Holding the Void                                                           Kelly Marie Murphy

Expecting /The Sun                                                      Michael Matthews

Batouche                                                                      William Pura

In the Angle*                                                                 Laurie Radford

Your Call                                                                       Don Ross 

Naming the Light                                                          Roberta Stephen

Spirit Monologues                                                        Guidonna Lee Terzi

Birches                                                                         Christiaan Venter


Piano Solo                           


If you, too, are going…                                                 Abram, John  

Danse Sauvage                                                            Bell, Allan Gordon 

Nebulae:  Orion, Veil, Helix

Old Coyote’s Saturday Night

Quadrilha Brasileira                                                       Champagne, Claude 

Vast                                                                                Chan, Ka Nin 

Image Astrale                                                                 Coulthard, Jean 

 The Queens of Alice                                                      Doolittle, Quenten

 Polaris (Piano and computer-generated CD)                 Eagle, David

 Monodias Espanolas                                                     Evangelista, Jose

 Incandescence                                                               Gagnon, Alain 

Integration                                                                       Hand, Mark

Cyclone                                                                           Ho, Alice

 Musical Tableaux

Three Scenes from Childhood                                        Ho, Vincent  

 Fantaisie                                                                        Jancewicz, Peter

 Reflections                                                                     Kloppers, Jacobus

 Anteriorities (Piano and computer-generated CD)        Lee, Brent

 across the veiled distances                                           Lee, Hope

 entends, entends le passe qui marche (Piano and CD

 Music for Piano                                                              Louie, Alexina

 I Leap through the Sky with Stars

Scenes from a Jade Terrace: Ancient Gardens,

Southern Sky, Warrior

Music for Wire and Wood (Piano with percussion)         McIntosh, Diana

Etude de Sonorite no.2                                                   Morel, Francois

Three Pieces for Piano Solo                                           Mozetich, Marjan

Aural Tectonics                                                                Murphy, Kelly-Marie

 Nuit                                                                                 Papineau-Couture, Jean

 Trois Pieces pour la legende doree                               

Take Back the Ring                                                         Pepin, Clermont



Violin & Piano

                                                                                   Vincent Ho
                                                                                   William Jordan


Unaccompanied Soprano


Cycle for Declamation                                               Priaulx Rainier

King Harold’s Saga                                                   Judith Weir


Soprano & computer  


 Child Voice                                                               Patricia Lynn Dirks


Soprano & Clarinet


So Full of Shapes is Fancy                                        Pascal Dusapin



Soprano, Clarinet & Violin


Seven Words of Love                                                Roberta Stephen


Soprano and Violin


Shadows 2                                                                 Hope Lee


Soprano and Piano


The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs               John Cage

Seven Love Songs (Brecht)                                       Hans Eisler

I Never saw Another Butterfly                                           Srul Irving Glick

Four Theatre Songs (text Edward Bond)                   Stephen McNeff

Chants de Terre et de Ciel                                         Olivier Messiaen

Vocalise                                                                     Olivier Messiaen

Four Theatre Songs (text Edward Bond)                   Stephen McNeff

Lieder Op.2                                                                Arnold Schoenberg

Evocations #1                                                            Harry Somers

A Book from the Harbour                                           Paul Steenhuisen

Dance Song  (Pisik)                                                             Roberta Stephen

Private Collection                                                       John Weinzweig



Voice and Clarinet


Hailstorm                                                                    Robert Rosen


Clarinet & projected images


Lu                                                                              David Eagle

Solo Bass Clarinet


Twist                                                                          Gerard Brophy

God Bless The Child                                                 Eric Dolphy

Snow Suite                                                                Quenten Doolittle

Sprezzatura                                                               Guus Janssen

Monolog                                                                     Isang Yun


Bass Clarinet with Narrator

Phoenix                                                                      Quenten Doolittle


Bass Clarinet and Piano

Dots, Lines and Zigzag                                              Sofia Gubaiduina


Violin, Bass Clarinet & Piano

I close my ears, my eyes, my mouth                         Lesley Hinger

A Road Through Alberta Foothills                              Allan Rae

Pensees Interdites                                                     Arlan Schultz


Violin, Clarinet, Piano

Triple Riffing                                                              Tim Brady

Elegy                                                                         John Burge

Klezmer Wedding                                                      Srul Irving Glick

Chocolates                                                                 David L. McIntyre

Trio                                                                             Nova Pon



Bass Clarinet and Electronics

Pulsar                                                                          David Keane

Jackdaw                                                                      Wayne Siegel

Ladano                                                                        Veronica Tapia


Bass Clarinet, Piano, Sound Files

Looking Ears                                                                Ton Bruynel


Bass Clarinet, Harpsichord, Sound Files

Tangram                                                                        Hope Lee




Soprano and Trumpet


Jean’s Wake up Call                                                   Murray Schaefer



Soprano & String Quartet


2nd String Quartet                                                      Arnold Schoenberg


Soprano, Piano,Flute,Clarinet,Violin,Cello


O King                                                                       Luciano Berio




Pierrot Lunaire                                                          Arnold Schoenberg


Soprano, Flute, Oboe,Clarinet,Horn,Bassoon


Minnelieder                                                              Murray Schafer


Soprano, Harp and Percussion


Madrigals Book 3                                                      George Crumb


Soprano & Guitar


My Angel                                                                  Omar Daniel

Simple songs for Different Times                              Robert Rosen





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